Bonus Feature

Certain races get access to bonus features. If your race gets a bonus feature you may pick any that you qualify for

Victorian Earthling
Requirement Victorian Era Human
You were born sometime during the Victorian period of earth. Whether you were a cowboy, aristocrat or a soldier you great up in this world. While there, you had your fair share of firearm play.
Benefit: You gain proficiency in all standard firearms. Additionally you gain the amateur gunslinger feat. You may use any mental stat to determine your grit pool. At level 5 and every 6 levels there after you may start with one additional grit per day if your mental ability score is high enough. At level 11 you may gain another deed from the gunslinger list that is level 11 or less. You start with a battered firearm following the same guidelines as a gunslinger.
Disadvantage Your starting class cannot have any magic at level 1. You are limited on starting gear.*

Krynn Born
born on krynn. Only Dracos, gnomes, kender, dwarves, humans, elves, half-elves
You are a native to Krynn. Your World has recently been torn apart by the gods.
If your a divine caster you must follow the path of mysticism, and worship a philosophy. If you an arcane caster, you must be a memorized caster. You have a strong distrust of the gods and have learned to rely on yourself to survive. You gain a +2 to survival, a +2 on will saves and a +1 dodge bonus to ac.
You cannot start as a gunslinger or as a gun based class. You cannot play as a bard, sorcerer or bloodrager.

From a mid tech world such as Warhammer.
You gain proficiency with all standard firearms, grenades and one of the following weapons. You start out with one masterwork version of one unless otherwise noted.
Long Rifle: This functions as a standard musket but you double all range increments. This allows you to get subtract your penetration rate within 80 feet.
Repeater Handgun: This weapon holds six shots and reloads like a revolver.
Grenade Launching Blunderbuss: It functions as a standard Blunderbuss, but can also launch alchemical weapon at a range increment of 20 feet. If one can reload as a free action you may fire as many rounds as you normally could. The alchemical item adds the weapons damage modifier to it, though that extra damage is considered bludgeoning.
Mechanical steed


Bonus Feature

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